The Legend of Deification

Metaverse virtual world + blockchain game of civilization origin culture


Metaverse story


In ancient times

A group of summoners who can control the power of the elements have gained the power of the gods,
And you are one of the summoners...

You come to a dreamlike virtual time and space.
What you have to do is to use the power of the elements of nature to summon heroes, Fairies and ghosts, release spells, and become a person who changes the fate of this world.

You can also use your shrewd business talents, stand out from the crowd, and be a rich one...


Legend NFT introduce


The Legend NFT is a decentralized blockchain game. Based on the cultural foundation of myths and legends, it upgrades the products of traditional card board games to form a meta-universe game on the chain.

Important game assets are all on the chain. In the process of playing the game, you can get the fun of the game and also have the opportunity to obtain a certain amount of income, so as to realize the "Play to Earn" to earn while playing. Players' investment in the game is no longer regarded as a sunk cost, but can bring real benefits. In The Legend NFT, all game assets are owned by the player, controlled by the player, and have a higher degree of freedom.

In the game, there will be more player interactions, and there will be some team battle modules, allowing you and your friends to guard the camp and fight side by side!

Core gameplay



Cards and skills, based on the non-homogeneous assets of Chain, users can transfer through wallet addresses or sell them in the NFT auction market. The function, rarity of cards and skills, and the number of tokens included are determined Its value.Cards and skills are divided into 5 categories (gold, wood, water, fire, earth). In the initial stage of the product, there are 80 NFT card characters and 120 NFT skill props. More characters and interesting will be added in the future. Skill.



When you have a card, you can activate the card slot. The activated card slot can mine tokens and upgrade the card slot to have higher combat power. The card slot has two editable skill slots. Choose different skills to put into the card slot, and the cards on the card slot have different combat characteristics.



Card board game battle mode. At the beginning of the game, only the relatively simple battle module-Conferred God Stage was opened. This is an automatic battle PVP mode. The combination of cards and skills in the deck can get a higher ranking. In the follow-up, we will open Zhu Xianzhen (multi-faction national warfare), Lundao (manual PVP combat) and more gameplays.

Prop market


Item trading

The Legend NFT has a built-in NFT decentralized transaction protocol in the Dapp game, and users can buy and sell cards and skills NFT assets by themselves (after the transaction is successful, the contract will charge a commission: 1%). Can be freely traded through third-party platforms , NFT card chain transactions, contracts are open and transparent, and data can be checked.


Item quality

There are two types of blind boxes: card blind boxes and skill blind boxes. Card blind boxes can be opened with different rarities (N, R, SR, SSR, UR, HR). The higher the rarity, the more difficult it is to obtain cards. skill blind boxes can also produce skills with different rarities (N, R, SR, SSR, UR, HR), and different skills have different functions. Rarity only represents how easy it is to obtain. To win a battle, it mainly depends on the collocation.