The Card Battle

The player activates the card slot, which can be used in combat.

Battle Platform

To experience deification Platform, you need to compile the card group first (the activated card slot can be used for grouping). Deification Platform through the ranking, to the player issued the corresponding token reward.

Deification Platform adopts an automatic battle mode, and players cannot manually manipulate cards.

  • Players need to deploy 1 attacking lineup and defensive lineup respectively to participate in the battle of this module. The maximum number of cards in the lineup is 20.

  • Challenge the opponent on Deification Platform. If the battle is won and the opponent's ranking is higher than your own, the rankings of both parties will be swapped. If it fails, there is no change.

  • Players will receive corresponding TLOD coins based on their ranking on the Conferred God Stage every 10 minutes.

  • Players have 10 free challenges every day. After the free times are used up, they can purchase the Xinghuang flag to increase the number of additional challenges. The number of free challenges is reset every day at 0:00 Beijing time.

  • The HP of the Conferred God Platform Summoner is the greater of the following two items: (1) 30000; (2) The sum of the defenses of all the cards that the player carries.

The reward mechanism of Deification Platform points is as follows:

rank TLOD(per 10 min) TLOD(per day) Power requirement
1 0.3472 50 ≥3000
2 0.2778 40 ≥3000
3 0.2431 35 ≥3000
4 0.2083 30 ≥3000
5 0.1736 25 ≥3000
6-10 0.1389 20 ≥3000
11-20 0.1042 15 ≥3000
21-50 0.0694 10 ≥3000
51-100 0.0347 5 ≥3000
101-200 0.0174 2.5 ≥1500
201-500 0.0069 1 ≥1000
501-1000 0.0035 0.5 ≥500

Camp battle
(1)Rules of play:

  • The purpose of Camp battle is tobreak the enemy's capital and successfullyprotect our capital.
  • Click the【Sign up】 button to organize the defensive lineup. You can organize5 defensive lineups. The maximum number of card slots for each lineup is20.
  • Click the【Offensive Group】 button to organize the offensive lineup. The offensive lineup can only be organized into1 team lineup. The maximum number of card slots in a single grouping is20. The offensive lineup can beadjusted during the siege.
  • Daily 00:00:00~11:50:00 is therest time, during which the defense group and registration can be adjusted freely.
  • Daily 12:00:00~23:00:00 is thesiege time, during which time you can attack any enemy capital outside of the guarded capital.
  • The defensive lineup and offensive lineup must beregisteredon the day before it can take effect.
  • If youswitch camps after registration and during the repair time, the guarded capital will be changed accordingly, and all the grouping plans will be transferred to the new capital simultaneously; if you switch camps outside the repair time, the capital will be guarded and settled today The way will not change;
  • The gameplay supportsmanual mode, you can choose the cards in your hand to play.
  • The HP of the Camp battle summoner is the larger of the following two: ①10000 ②The sum of the defenses of all the cards that the player carries;
  • When any battle is over, the grouped card slots will beremovedfrom the group after the death, and the offensive lineup can use ungrouped card slots for groupingsupplements.
  • When the battle progresses to the30th round, if the attacking team fails to defeat the defending team, it is deemed a failure, and the slot grouped in the battle is considered to bekilled;
  • In each battle, the points are calculated according to thedefense value of the opponent's dead card slot (when the same card slot is defeated multiple times in a single battle,only one point will be calculated);
  • When the siege time is over, the ongoing battles willnot count towards points.
  • 23:00:00 is the cut-off time for the siege. At the end of the siege time, the capital that still has the defensive lineup will win the victory (Ifmore than one city survives,all the surviving capitals are victors; ifno capital survives,the lastonedefeated capital wins victory);
  • 23:00 is the reward settlement time. If the only surviving capital has been decided in advance, the reward settlement time will be advanced;
  • Participants can equally share20% of the rewards of Camp battle daily output.
  • The victory camp can get80%of the rewards of Camp battle's daily output, and the members of the victorious team will get a corresponding proportion of rewardsbased on their own points.

(2)Reward rules:

  1. The total daily rewards of Camp battle are 500 TLOD;

  2. Participation rewards account for 20% of the daily total and are equally divided by all registered players. And if there is no data in the card slot of the registered player when the registration ends, the reward will not be issued;

  3. Contribution rewards account for 80% of the daily total, and are obtained by the registered players of Victory Capital. The amount is based on the proportion of their own points to the total points of the camp.

Real-time Battle

This mode is not open yet, so stay tuned

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