The skill comes with a special effect and that can also be used to assemble card slots, giving them a lot of power bonuses and increasing their strength in battle.

The card slot has 3 skill bits:1 fixed skill bit and 2 editable skill bits. Fixed skill points are unloadable and initially come with the skill. Editable skill bits allow placing skills with the same attributes as the card slot; Full attribute skills can be equipped with any attribute slot.

Slot skills are divided into 6 rarity levels: N,R,SR,SSR,UR, and HR. Its parameters are as follows:

Rarity Decomposed price Battle Power bonus probability
N 5 5% 25%
R 10 10% 25%
SR 20 20% 20%
SSR 30 30% 15%
UR 40 40% 10%
HR 60 60% 5%

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