Gameplay Overview

All the gameplay you can imagine is contained in to be in The Legend Of Deification, and it's still getting richer. Here are some classic player portraits that might give you some inspiration.

Mining Enthusiast

Players can acquire powerful cards/skills by purchasing card packs, and then placed it in the slot, or upgraded with cards, which further increase the player's power. Higher power means higher mining efficiency in NFT games.

Card Collector

Collectors love every card, no matter how weird, ugly or scary they are. Fixed skills determine the strength and skill system of the cards, and they can combine different skills for powerful combinations. And for every slot activated, the player gets a 1% bonus to combat power.

Master of Combat

The master likes to study all kinds of fighting methods. They studied the skill mechanics of the cards, experimenting and testing them with different pairings. Committed to developing the most stable, the most powerful, the most comprehensive battle team.


Businessman dominate the trading market, buying up cards/skills they consider valuable and hoarding them for reselling when the time is right, with a keen eye for patterns lurking in the shadows.


DeFiner comes from the Defi world. They know how to provide liquidity for game tokens; In turn, their efforts will be rewarded.

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