Gas Fee

Gas Fee, as the name implies, is the handling fee paid to miners. When you transfer money on the blockchain, miners need to package your transfer transaction and put it on the blockchain to complete the transaction. In this process, computing resources of the blockchain will be consumed, resulting in miners' fee.

The handling fee is determined by the Gas Price and the Gas Limit consumed, which is calculated as follows:
Miner fee =Gas Limit * Gas Price

The amount of Gas Limit is primarily affected by the complexity of the content operation based on the smart contract. The more operations, the higher the Gaslimit. The Gas Price is set by the initiator, and the higher the Price of the Gas Price set by the initiator, the faster the transaction initiated by the initiator can be packaged.

n our game, when you buy the card card bag/skill card bag, the decomposition of the card/skills, exchange on the CARDS/skills, exchange purchase card/skills, card slot handling card/skills, the behavior such as card slot to upgrade, you initiate the request will be sent to the block on the chain network computing and transaction confirmation work of miners.

The user who initiates the transaction request pays a processing fee for the miner's services (please note that all processing fees are paid to the miner and not to the project party).

How much should I pay for Gas?

The setting of the Gas Price is up to the user.

The higher the Gas Price, the faster the transaction will be processed. Therefore, for important transactions, it is recommended to set the Gas Price a little higher. For example, if you're bidding on a high-star card and you're worried about being outbid by another player, you can increase the Gas Price to speed up the confirmation of the deal.

Gas Now is a tool that helps you manually set the Gas Price.

Using the "Gas Pride Standara" recommended by Gas Now ensures that transactions are completed quickly (usually in a few minutes).

For low-importance transactions that you're willing to wait for, choose "Gas Price Slow" (usually around 10 minutes, depending on network traffic).

Gas Now also displays how long it takes for a transaction to be confirmed at a given Gas Price, allowing you to adjust the Gas Price to suit your needs.

Note that the actual transaction fees you pay are generally lower than the maximum predicted, which is great! Once the miner packages your transaction, the unconsumed ETH in Gas Limit will be returned to you (it will not be collected).

But if your Gas Limit is set too low and the miner's cost exceeds your Limit, your deal will be cancelled and the fee will not be refunded, which is not pleasant.

In view of the above, be sure to choose an adequate Gas Limit to ensure that your transaction proceeds smoothly.

Keep in mind that MetaMask will always recommend a reasonable fee based on the current network, so it does not recommend adjusting the default fee without special needs.

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