Understand the purse

What is a digital wallet?

Generally speaking, the ordinary wallet can collect money and bank cards or credit cards and other monetary tools together and put them in a small bag for easy carrying. This kind of wallet is used to hold money, so the digital currency wallet is simply used to hold digital currency assets.

But in fact, digital currency wallet it is not money, but put the key (private and public keys) of a tool, with the key can have corresponding address on digital currency control, using the wallet is generated in the digital currency payment address, can accept other people give you transfer digital currency, also can put the number that you have money transfer to other people.

In order to useThe Legend Of Deification, you will need a digital wallet, currently we have fully supported wallets included :

  • Desktop browser plugins: Metamask, Tronlink

  • Mobile Wallet: TP wallet

You need to fill your wallet with money (Ethereum, Tron) to make your first purchase of game currency TLOD.

What is a mnemonic?

A mnemonic is really just another representation of a private key. Some cryptocurrency wallets use mnemonics instead of private keys.

If your account has been deleted, you can restore your account with a mnemonic. This also means that anyone with your mnemonic can access and steal your assets.

Please keep your mnemonics safe and do not share them with others.

Can you change my crypto wallet password?

We have no control over your cryptocurrency wallet, which is an independent third party software. So we can't change your crypto wallet password.

Your game assets are stored in your wallet, not in our database, and your wallet belongs to you

Note that this is the biggest difference between blockchain games and traditional centralized games.

A cryptocurrency wallet is the equivalent of a bank account -- be careful and remember your password and mnemonic.

What is wallet address?

Your public wallet address is a unique identifier for your wallet. It's like a bank card number. You can share it with others, and it can be used to transfer assets to your wallet.

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