Beginner Guidance

How to start the game?

Blockchain games are very different from traditional centralized games, and there are several steps you need to complete before entering the game:

  1. Create an encrypted digital wallet.It helps you manage keys, assets, sign transactions, and more.

  2. Keep the wallet key safe. Make sure you don't get stolen, and also make sure you don’t lose your password. All in-game assets are stored in a blockchain wallet

  3. Recharge your wallet with HT to cover on-chain transaction Gas.You can recharge through the following major exchanges, such as:

  4. Start Game.Search The Legend Of Deificationin your wallet browser to start your quest.

In addition, we have prepared the following introduction to the game to help you better understand and participate in the game.

  1. The game entity:Learn about the game's entities, items, and related characters.

  2. Gameplay overview:Be a happy miner, a savvy trader, a collector, or a master of war. The choice is yours.

  3. Token:The Legend Of Deification simulates a free market economy where you can work, invest, trade, and so on. Knowing the rules and the economic environment will help you play better.

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