Welcome to The Legend Of Deification

This is a mysterious and wonderful world of legends

I'm Viki. I'm the protector of the legend world. I am the guardian of this ancient and vibrant land. I'm not a god. I represent a group of smart contracts in the blockchain space. It is my eternal mission to protect and defend the world.

The world I'm creating is changing, and everything is constantly evolving. Welcome to this mysterious land. It takes a lot of courage. In the world of legends, sunrise and sunset, tide rise and fall, waiting for you to witness; Gods and ghosts,flowers, birds, insects and beasts, waiting for you to find.

I firmly believe that most of the material world will one day come to me. To those who came to me before others, I congratulate you and you will be repayed. I share with you my creed; I hope you will join me in championing them

  • Please keep your key carefully.

  • Please assemble the highest star card first.

  • You may find what you're looking for in the exchange market.

  • The combination of cards and skills can be extremely effective.

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