What is the card?

As a summoner in the legendary NFT world, you must have cards in your hand what you can sommon. Cards are the core foundation of the game and can be purchased through blind box stores or trade markets.

The four attributes of the card are:

The base attributes of a card

The basic stats are attack, Defense and the five-elements attribute.

Attack/Defense = Base Attack/Defense * (0.8+ Card star level *0.2) * (1+ Card Slot level *0.1) ,Superstars are counted as eight stars

The five-element attribute does two things:

(1)Influence on wartime restraint:metal->wood->earth->water->fire->metal.A card's damage increases by 50% when it encounters an attribute it restrains.

(2)Affect the efficiency of mining in attribute mines: when you belong to a certain attribute camp, and the combat power of cards with the same attribute is increased by 50%

The energy value of a card

Energy: The mana amount of placing a card consumes while in battle. The energy of a card ranges from 1 to 5.

At the start of a battle, you can start with 4 energy and gain 1 per turn up to a maximum of 10.

The rarity of a card

The card's rarity is divided into six categories, as follows:

Rarity Paraphrase Probability
N Normal 30%
R Rare 25%
SR Super Rare 20%
SSR Special Super Rare 16%
UR Ultra Rare 8%
HR Hyper Rare 1%

The star rating of the card

There are 7 stars, and the specific parameters are as follows:

star Fighting capacity Experience provided (as material) Probability Attack and defense values
1 20 10 20% 100%
2 50 20 20% 120%
3 100 30 20% 140%
4 200 40 15% 160%
5 400 50 15% 180%
6 800 100 9.99% 200%
super 5000 Cannot be used as upgrade material 0.01% 240%

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