Card Slot

The card slot is the carrier of cards, and each role card has a card slot. Put the corresponding card into the card slot to activate the card slot. The card slot needs to be activated before mining and fighting, you can replace the card of the card slot at any time.

Upgrade card slots: Card slots can be upgraded by consuming extra cards of the same name, and different star cards can gain different experiences. After upgrading, you will improve the battle power and attack and defense value of the card slot (Super star cards cannot be used to upgrade the card slot).

The levels of card slots are as follows:

Level Experience Area of effect (Card slot rank bonus coefficient)
0(The initial level) 100 0%~9%
1 100 10%~19%
2 100 20%~29%
3 100 30%~39%
4 100 40%~49%
5 100 50%~59%
6 100 60%~69%
7 100 70%~79%
8 100 80%~89%
9 100 90%~99%
10(supreme level ) - 100%

Single card slot combat force calculation

The specific calculation method of single slot combat force is as follows:

(1)Single card base power (C):The base power of a card, depending on the star rating. For example, The three-stars card Jiang Ziya has a base power of 100 ;

(2)Card slot activation number bonus (N): Each time you activate a card slot, you will get a 0.5% combat power bonus, and all card slots will be activated to double the bonus. For example, if you collect 50 cards, you get a 25% bonus; if you collect 80 cards, you get an 80% bonus;

(3)Card slot level bonus(L):Gain a 1% bonus for every 10 points in total experience in a slot. For example, if your total experience is 550, you get a 55% bonus.

(4)Bonus from skills(S):The sum of bonuses to both attribute skills, S= bonus from skill A + bonus from skill B

(5)Single card slot combat force F=C*(1+N)*(1+L)*(1+S)

(6)Bonus to mining area with attributes:If the card has the same stats as the mining area, it gains an additional 50% bonus when calculating battle power. For example, the ultimate power of gold cards in the goldfields:F金=F*(1+50%)

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