What is The Legend Of Deification?

Learn the background and gameplay features of The Legend Of Deification


The Legend Of Deification is a card block chain game who's gameplay is rich,--with set card, develop, battle and other modules.

Game features

Collect| Each card has a unique code name on the chain, and the more cards you collect, the higher your battle power. Activate more card slots and have more options in battle. 。More

Develop|Card slots can be upgraded with the same name cards. Try to collect your favorite cards and use them as materials to upgrade the slot level, which will make your card set more powerful

Deal|In the trading market, you can sell your extra cards/skills for BLT coins. You can also spend BLT coins to buy cards or skills from other players to strengthen your lineup. More

Faction|There are five factions in the game according to their attributes. When you join a faction, the card with the same attribute as the faction will get 50% battle power bonus, and the player is allowed to participate in the faction battle.

Battle|PVE.PVP, siege, group warfare and other types of combat mode available. Come and organize your card group

Profit|Our goal is play-to-earning. Even casual players can earn rewards through set card placement.

GameFi|GameFi refers to the presentation of decentralized financial products as games, gamification of DeFi rules, and NFT of game item derivatives 。

free market|The game market allows users to trade cards/skills etc. You can find the rare cards/skills you want in the market More

Technical Characteristic

Game on the chain, contract operation:Based on the global mainstream public chain construction, the ownership is confirmed by blockchain technology tracking. Players have 100% of their own identity accounts and game tokens, props and other game assets, most of the game logic all in the form of contract deployment on the blockchain, players do not need to worry about backdoor, additional issuance, plug-ins and other common disadvantages of traditional games, development teams can not do evil.

Cross - chain token economy: In the future, there will be a game scene of cross-chain token economy system, open multiple public chain coordination, the construction of a pure digital world of free market economy.

Decentralized autonomy:The Legend Of Deification is designed as a self-evolving, scalable, open system where players have a say in the direction of the game's evolution. The rules of the game will be determined by the entire DAO community, evolving on its own, with each user being both a player and a game designer.

Open without borders:The Legend Of Deification through open interfaces, development SDKS, and open on-chain contracts, any developer can easily build their own DAPP on NFT, integrate it into the economy, and benefit from built-in incentives such as referrals and sharing. At the same time, external traditional game assets, third-party DApps, ERC721 assets, etc. can be seamlessly connected, and legend has it that NFT will continue to evolve with the development of technology.

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