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About "BLT"

What is [BLT]?
BLT is the system token in tThe Legend Of Deification, which is mainly used for the purchase of card packs and skill packs.

Players collect cards to mine or sell resources or obtain BLT through the Deification Platform. In the trading market, you can also use BLT to purchase the required card packs/skills, and the game system income is allocated using BLT.

About "Wallet"

The wallet serves as the basic token management platform and even the user's identity management tool. For example, when a user wants to play an encrypted cat game, he can open the wallet, enter the DApp, and use it after selection, or download the DApp application to the local through the wallet and use it directly.

With the increase in the types of tokens and the improvement of the entire blockchain ecosystem, when the wallet is no longer simply a tool for storing tokens, sending tokens, and participating in crowdfunding, it will focus on dealing with exchanges and crowdfunding projects. Gradually turn to tokens to achieve their own application purposes.

About "Card"

Legend has it that a summoner in the NFT world must have a card in his hand for him to summon. Cards are the core foundation of this game and can be purchased through blind box shops or trading markets.

About "Card Slot"

The card slot is the carrier of the card, and the card of each role corresponds to a card slot. Put the corresponding card into the card slot to complete the activation of the card slot. The card slot needs to be activated before mining and battle can be performed, and the card in the card slot can be replaced at any time.

About "Skills"

The skill comes with special effects, which can be used to assemble the card slot, which brings a lot of combat power bonus to the card slot and increases the strength of the card slot in battle.

Other FAQs

What is Battle platform?

Fengshentai is an asynchronous PVP automatic competitive gameplay. Players need to deploy a team of attack lineup and defensive lineup respectively to participate in this gameplay. Choose the opponent provided by the system to challenge. If the battle wins and the opponent's ranking is higher than their own, then both The rankings are reversed. Players will receive TLOD currency rewards based on their current ranking of the Conferred God Platform in this server every 10 minutes.

Why is there still a charge when my transaction fails?

When your transaction is processed on the blockchain, you need to pay a handling fee. Even if the transaction fails, it still needs to be calculated. The commission is collected by the miners on the blockchain, not by the legendary NFT.

Why did I not get the card after purchasing the card pack?

Due to the unstable event monitoring service, occasionally it may happen that the card package is obtained after successful purchase but the page is not displayed in time.

In this case, you can view your backpack after refreshing the page.

What is the transaction record in the trading market?

Transaction records: record the on-chain transaction records initiated by players in the trading market, mainly including buying cards, buying skills, selling cards, selling skills, etc.

How ​​to improve the combat power of the card slot? What is the use?

You can add cards of the same name to your card slots, skills, upgrade card slots, etc. In order to increase the combat power of the card slot and the efficiency of mining, as well as the offensive and defensive value of the battle.

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